The Slovak company Aviget brought a unique autonomous service for airlines based on artificial intelligence to the Czech spring PitchdAI event. Besides automating many internal company processes, Aviget is naturally capable of serving customers, no matter how demanding they are. Two major private investors have decided to support the project with $250k.

Prague, Czech republic, 10th of August 2018 – The Slovak company Aviget arrived at the Prague PitchdAI event to collect a five-million support from two Czech private investors. The company offered them an interesting product providing a service for airlines based on an artificial intelligence technology.

Aviget specialises in data mining and data use for automating specific processes. This may mean a major competitive advantage in demanding operations, such as the airline settings, as the service is capable of processing many tasks that would normally have to be solved by people without errors. Artificial intelligence is here to help workers at call centres and counters and may shorten the queues and make check-in faster.

Infinite performance, but also friendliness and patience

The always pleasant, helpful and infinitely patient Aviget chatbot will go through the passenger’s requests and wishes, no matter how these change during the conversation. It is able to find out flights, arrange them according to the available prices, book a flight ticket and arrange check-in. You can order additional services, including hotel or car booking at your destination, just as easily. You can do all this from the comfort of your home, but also on your journeys – you only need to be online.

The fact that Aviget can be easily implemented in most airline operations and the company plans support for 27 global languages at the first stage was one of the major reasons for attracting the investors’ support.

Aviget was created as assistance to frustrated airline staff. Now it may replace them.

“I had an idea to found Aviget while working at a booking department of a low-cost airline. We often had to process many flights at once and this naturally lead to our staff at call centres and airport counters being overloaded.

Our inability to deal with the passengers’ requests on time, although they were generally rather simple, greatly complicated our operation and consequently posed a threat to the entire company. Yet, most employees – in this specific case – only need to choose one of the three options: accept a new flight, change flight according to their requirements, or ask for a refund. Dealing with their requirements therefore should not be a problem at all.

The second issue was that we struggled to sell even our cheap flight tickets because many passengers could not find them. This is another area of great potential because, for example, airlines are not good at using social networks for offers and communication with passengers,” Peter Kollár, the Aviget founder explains.”

Three years ago, we decided to take off with our own start-up. Artificial intelligence gave us wings.

“In 2017, I decided to start working intensively on my own project because I wanted to resolve the challenges outlined above through an autonomous form using artificial intelligence. I knew my colleague, Milan Halada from cooperation on another start-up and once we joined our forces, it did not take us long to create the prototype of our chatbot. We introduced this prototype to airlines at the Passenger Technology Solutions show in Hamburg in the same year. Everything went quickly after this,” Peter recalls.

Searching for investors was not easy.

At first, we tried to obtain support from numerous Venture Capital funds. However, this effort was shown to be futile because the funds wanted to invest into a finished product, while we needed money to complete it.

I came across the AI Startup Incubator thanks to a meeting with Petr Šrámek. His team has helped us prepare the product for private investors.

We will use this investment to fund further development of this product, and for our sales and marketing activities. I believe that with the experience of our investors and the support of the AI Startup Incubator mentor team, we will build a successful company with international clientele,” Peter adds.

Petr Šrámek, the founder and director of AI Startup Incubator looks forward to this cooperation. “Aviget may become another European “brilliant start-up”. The excellent idea, great selection of technologies, and sufficient experience form a strong basis for growth and success. Seeking the right people to establish a team of developers will be our first joint task. Sales and marketing will be the next step.”

Vlastimil Palata, one of the investors, says the following about his motivation to invest into Aviget: “The authors of the project are familiar with the airline setting. This is why I believe that Aviget will succeed.”

The second investor, represented by the Dibiti company, also sees the project’s business potential. “Dibiti has made the decision to invest into the Aviget project for a number of reasons. First of all the project makes use of Artificial Intelligence in an area where the advantages are obvious. At the same time the methods needed to achieve the goals are clear. The market potential is huge. The project has been very well prepared and the people behind it have many years of experience in the field. We believe that with the help of investors and the AI Incubator the project will be a big success.”

AI Startup Incubator consistently seeks interesting Start-ups in artificial intelligence and investors interested in projects of this kind. The next PitchdAI is coming up in autumn this year.